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Linkedin Scraper & Linkedin Automation Tool

In just a few clicks scrape Linkedin search results, find emails of your leads and automate your prospection through LinkedIn and emails.

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Build Targeted Prospect list in minutes

  • missingalttagGrab LinkedIn profiles rapidly to find leads quickly.
  • missingalttagGrow your network with 800 monthly connection requests.
  • missingalttagCustomize bulk messages efficiently with personalized templates.
  • missingalttagFind LinkedIn emails fast, 99% deliverability rate.
  • missingalttagManage connections, profiles for smoother interactions with ease.
  • missingalttagEasily sort connections using tags and filters for outreach.
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What Our Customers Say About

“Quicklead is a handy Chrome extension that simplifies lead generation and network management on LinkedIn. This tool automates the process of sending messages to your LinkedIn connections, saving you valuable time and effort. The extension seamlessly integrates with your LinkedIn interface, making it easy to use.”

Mark Feldman
Founder @ RevenueBase.ai

"Quickleads exceeded my expectations! It's living up to its name--quick! And their team is responsive and professional. Highly recommanded!"

Jenierose Gabuco
Sales Head @ Codex Media Inc.

“What I can say is, it's SUPER!!! I can now convert the list easily within minutes! Thank you, Quicklead! Keep it up!”

Kelly Dy
Campaign Manager @ Codex Media Inc.

“I rely on Quicklead to kickstart my outreach campaigns, and it's incredibly efficient. It's been a game-changer for my LinkedIn marketing efforts, fulfilling its purpose flawlessly. I've been a user for over a year now, and I haven't encountered a single issue. The support team is also fantastic.”

Sid Vyas
CEO at Dr mechanix.in

“We are a recruitment company and have been looking for a Chrome Extension that extracts LinkedIn profiles to our CRM. We've tried other products, but the features you offer are the best and we are just so happy with our purchase.”

Anjay Vyas

Questions and Answers

Absolutely! Quicklead smoothly integrates with Sales Navigator via a downloadable plugin, enabling users to effortlessly fetch search results using a Chrome extension.

No, a paid LinkedIn account isn't necessary for basic Quicklead functions like fetching a single profile or people from LinkedIn. However, a Sales Navigator plan is needed for using the Sales Navigator scraper feature.

Yes, you can use Quicklead for free for up to 7 days to explore all its functionalities. No credit card details are required.

Yes, you can use one Quicklead license to manage multiple LinkedIn accounts. However, you'll need to request this feature by emailing us at [email protected].

Yes, you can use other applications or switch tabs while Quicklead is working. Even if you close all Quicklead and LinkedIn tabs, Quicklead will continue to work seamlessly.

Yes, it's possible. Simply subscribe and then cancel the subscription. It will remain active until the current subscription period ends, and it won't renew afterward. So, you can opt for a one-time subscription this way.

Yes, it is. Quicklead does not sell or share any individual user's data with other users or organizations. Additionally, it does not store any credentials or cookies of other domains, and various security measures are applied to ensure compliance with GDPR regulations.

Your scraped data within Quicklead is kept confidential and is accessible exclusively to you. Quicklead operates a separate data management system for each individual user, ensuring that there is no internal search accessing the data of other users.

You only need to keep your browser open when running a campaign to send messages or connection invitations. However, you can close all tabs of Quicklead and LinkedIn, and it will still function. If your browser closes for any reason, don't worry. When you reopen it, your last running campaign will resume from where it stopped when the browser was closed.

  • It will not read data from any website other than the LinkedIn domain.
  • It displays desktop notifications to inform users about status updates.
  • Quicklead will not save any cookies or login-cred data from LinkedIn.